ugh. so i hate to do this, folks.

buuuut i have a problem.

i am currently going through some mental health issues, meaning i had to leave my job recently. this, in turn has caused some financial issues.

i have a little bit of money saved but it seems like i am going through it rather quickly on things like medicine, therapy, dog food and bills. i am in the process of taking some steps towards my financial freedom. (welfare and or med studies, until i get all this business sorted out.) unfortunately, these things take time.

since i have so far not managed to smash the state, i’m asking for help. if you’re able. obviously, i don’t expect it, and i feel bad for asking but things are not going… well, and anything that can help with my basic expenses of like.. food would be appreciated.

(and no, the irony of asking for donations as a walking person on my blog about stereotypes of walking people is not lost on me.)

anyways the donation button is up on the top left hand corner. thank you.



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